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Discover the reasons why selling real estate in New York with Gil Harlem translates into greater buying and selling benefits.

Selling Your House Is Important To Us

The real estate market in New York is one of the most difficult and complicated, but also one of the most beneficial. Knowing when to sell and how to do it is not a simple thing, however, most real estate agencies in New York take it lightly. On the other hand, for all Gil Harlem members, the quality of service and satisfaction of those who choose to work with us is very important. We value your time and desire to make the most of your home, building or office. That’s why from the first contact we get to work and focus on you getting what you are looking for, and most importantly, we don’t rest until we get it. We want to make selling in New York easy for you.

Your Time Is Valuable

In Gil Harlem we have the clear objectives: sell your property and make it at the best price. But we cannot neglect an important factor “the time of sale”. The moment from which you told us that you wanted to buy or sell a property and the time in which that objective was achieved. We take care that your properties have visibility in specific sectors of New York and show them directly to potential buyers so that your waiting time is as small as possible. In addition, our Flash Offer section (internal link) is always active where you can find purchase offers in sectors of Harlem, The Bronx, Manhatans and more. Take a look and maybe you can sell in New York today!

Here the fastest way to sell your property in New York

High Attention and Low Commissions

It’s that simple, in Gil Harlem we save intermediaries. Our agents are part of the family and we are not wasting money on agreements with unnecessary third parties, or on paperwork by many people. Our philosophy is based on providing quality in every way, this includes quick time of sale or purchase, personalized attention 24/7, guaranteed professional advice, quick, legal and concrete procedures that make the experience of buying or selling in New York a pleasure. Through experience we have managed to optimize our work system in order to offer you the lowest commissions in the entire New York area, as well as the best service from start to finish. You will not find anything better.

We Know The Market

When we talk about Real State in New York, we talk about a giant. Each sector moves in a different way, providing usable benefits for those who really know them and that is exactly what you will find in Gil Harlem. We advise you to get the most out of every buying and selling operation in New York. We know the market and use this knowledge to make our customers’ experience a luxury.

Action Sector And Best Results

Most real estate agents do not prioritize their operations in specific sectors of New York, which causes the quality of service to be affected, the results are less effective and therefore their customers are dissatisfied. At Gil Harlem, we focus on specific sectors of action to make buying and selling in New York easier and with greater performance. These are some of our priority sectors:





Ready To Do Business With The Greatest Benefit

Personalized Attention At All Times

We want your experience of buying and selling in New York to be a VIP experience. You can contact us in English and Spanish to get professional advice focused on your needs. Our customer service staff will always be ready to assist you.


At Gil Harlem we make Real State easy!